¾ of my life – Jewellery by Pavel Opočenský

(May 20, 2019)


Since first establishing himself in the mid-1980s, Czech sculptor and jeweler Pavel Opočensky has worked with materials ranging from steel, ivory, ebony, wood, stone, jade, quartz, amber, Chrysopras, ColorCore, and Bakelite, moving back and forth between precious and unconventional resources. This non-linear trajectory of artistic method is not so much random in character, but rather one that seems guided by a combination of purposeful reinvention and unanticipated opportunities. This is what the best of artists do; rather than being mired in the ideology of a single material, each body of work is dictated by the availability and suitability of a given medium that best carries forward each successive endeavor.


On the occasion of his 65th birthday,  the German Goldsmith’s House in Hanau is showing an extensive retrospective of the artist’s work with almost 200 pieces of jewellery and design drawings. I have contributed a short essay for the catalogue, which you can read here: (Opocensky essay-new). The exhibition will be held from August 22 – October 17, 2019.