4906e421dd3f7b2661c2c7eae1d49945 While the remarkable achievements of the Russian avant-garde have been well documented in recent years, one essential component still remains to be recognized: the unprecedented number of women artists actively involved in the movement. Never before in the history of Western art had women played so vital a role in the formation of a revolutionary cultural enterprise, one that redefined traditional aesthetic values and remapped age-old divisions between art and life.

55484382683019b08bdeb62dafbcaa7eThis exhibition features the paintings of six extraordinary artists–Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, Liubov Popova, Olga Rozanova, Varvara Stepanova, and Nadezhda Udaltsova–who all shared what Rozanova described as a drive to discover wholly “new bases of artistic creation.” In so doing, each developed an original, independent style that broke new ground in both the fine and applied arts. Structured around individual surveys of each of their discrete but related oeuvres, Amazons of the Avant-Gardealso traces the evolution of Modern Russian art from Neo-Primitivism, Cubo-Futurism, and Rayism to Suprematism and Constructivism.

0f0c0e22279677829e5ae4f0f682479bDrawn from over 20 public and private collections including Russian regional museums, this exhibition presents over 70 paintings and drawings, many of which are being shown for the first time in the West since their creation.

dg-1-290x400–Organized by Matthew Drutt, Associate Curator for Research, Guggenheim Museum, with John Bowlt, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and Zelfira Tregulova, independent curator, Moscow.