Remembering Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz (1928 – 2022)

(September 18, 2022) Yvonne was apioneer artist who helped transform the concept of woven textile objects from something hanging on a wall like painting to works that engage the space around them, interact with their environment, and could be recomposed in endless permutations according to a specific location, taking an approach that was inspired by Frederick Kiesler’s Endless House (1956).
A graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art, she designed textiles early in her career for Louis Kahn and Anne Tyng that resonated with the work of Anni Albers. A founding member of the Philadelphia Council of Professional Craftsmen, she was critical to the transformation of the perception of crafts as utilitarian objects preoccupied with process and technique, producing sophisticated objects that embodied parallel concerns occurring in design, architecture, and the fine arts.